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Well the quick answer is, “the profitable one”! If only trading was that simple. Every blog or website you search says “Best Strategy for Trading” or “Strategy for Beginners”. So just pick one and you”ll be a millionaire! Not so fast Wolfie. In my limited time being a full-time trader and learning from some true professional day-traders, […]

Like a moth to a flame, trading emotion and psychology gets the best of us in the beginning. The great news, it doesn’t have to stay that way! One of the first things you need to realize, when getting into trading, is your past behaviors will influence/dictate your future results. What I mean is if you’re not […]

If you’ve been trading for over a year then you remember the craze that happened in 2017 with Crypto, Bitcoin and every other digital coin that was being touted as the “future of currency”. While I don’t doubt that sometime in the future we will live like the Jetsons or Star Trek, I don’t think it’s happening […]

Recently I’ve been chatting with a lot of new traders that are either struggling to find consistency, struggling to make profits or just frustrated with trading in general. I have great news, you’re not alone!!! If you haven’t thought about quitting 100 times by now you’re not trying hard enough. Many of us were drawn to trading […]

Everyone has their own journey when it comes to trading but the more time I spend with both new and professional traders I see a common theme that separates them. Looking back on my journey, having time to analyze my growth as well as speaking with other traders has given me some more clarity and I hope […]

When researching to become a new trader NOBODY tells you that you can’t get rich quick, that this takes years, that you need to have the right mindset. Everyone shows you Lamborghini’s, big houses, vacations yet doesn’t tell you it took them years to build this. Here is the outline from my recent vlog on this topic. […]

One of my biggest keys to becoming a successful, consistent trader is understanding Risk/Reward as well as being able to analyze every trade setup in seconds. Just like everything else in trading it all comes with time but you need to understand and use risk/reward in every trade otherwise what’s your plan? Where do you enter, how […]

I wanted to welcome you to my blog and thank you for visiting my website. I will post a blog soon as I have a few topics and tickers I want to talk about. Hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment or ask questions.

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